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Services with Respect


To alleviate the pain surrounding the loss of a startup, Startup Memorial Garden provides a full range of memorial services. We provide assistance in memorial pre-arrangements, transfer services and ceremonies.

Concession pre-arrangement

Planning ahead of time your concession will give you peace of mind that your startup will last forever in the memory of your clients, ex-employees and friends. The reservation of your resting place can be made by contacting one of our councillor by email.

Transfer Services

Your failed startup should receive a dignified transfer to the Startup Memorial Garden. The transfer is a process that should only be trusted to experienced professionals. At Startup Memorial Garden we guarantee our clients with peace of mind by offering compassionate and professional transferring services.

Ceremonies & Memorial Services

Honor your loved one with a celebration or memorial event. We provide support and technology to keep alive your startup in the collective memory. The startup death is not the end.